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Happy Kids with Books

Lecturama is a free program dedicated to helping children in grades 1st to 3rd whose parents cannot read to them at home because English is not their first language.


We call, train and hire volunteers in 9th to 12th grades who commit themselves to giving their time and skills to helping little ones read. Our tutors are trained by a certified teacher, and also receive professional and personal development training throughout the duration of their volunteering contract. 

How It Works

How it Works:

All tutoring meetings take place via Zoom. Students and tutors will be matched based on schedule’s availability. We offer a 2 to 1 ratio per lesson: only 2 students per tutor. Each lesson is 40 min, and it focuses on 5 reading principles. All reading materials are taken from the recommended readings list per grade by the Department of Education and our Brewster Public Library. All materials will be shared online via Zoom.

Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor

Select all the days and times when you are available to tutor


They are specially trained students from grade 9th-12th, equipped with all the tools they need to make the learning experience engaging and educational. Unlike teachers who need to educate classes of up to thirty kids, our tutors only teach a max of two students at a time, and so are much more personalized, catering to a child's specific needs and reading level. 


In order to join our team, you first need to complete 3 hours of online training by our certified teacher and reading recovering specialist. Once you complete our training, you will be interviewed and then assigned your students and schedule and can begin teaching right away!


Once you become a tutor, you will be offered a 10 or 20 week contract, detailing your weekly schedule. Each tutor will be committed to either one or two 40 min lessons per week with the same child. All tutors are expected to be on time to class and notify in advance if they will be absent. The application below offers potential dates and hours for you to select. We will try our best to get you a date and hour as close to what you selected as possible, however, they may not be exact. 


As a tutor you will gain certified community service hours, teaching experience (a plus if you are interested in teaching!), and 6 hours of professional and personal development. 

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Learning is Fun

Lecturama, the best option

for you!

Become a Student

Register your Child

Select all the days and times your child is available for tutoring

Who are our students?

Students from JFK, and other public schools from Putnam County in grades K-5th whose parents’ first language is Spanish.


To become a student and receive free online reading tutoring you need to fill out the form listed below. You will receive an application status update within a week.

You will be assigned a tutor based on your school grade.

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Each student will be assigned two class days a week for 40 minutes each class. All students are expected to be on time to class and notify in advance if they will be absent. On the application listed above there will be dates and hours to select from. We will try our best to get you a date and hour as close to what you selected as possible,however, they may not be exact.


For our students, the benefits are improved reading skills, boost self confidence, increased participation in class, and can read your own homework! And with this, discover a whole new word, filled with stories, facts, challenges and limitless joy! 

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